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Larry Korte
I have integrated yoga into my life for the past 12 years, combining yoga, meditation, and weight training to balance my life. I find my practice to be a great way to understand my body and nurture it to support me. Yoga provides a technique to merge my mind, body, and spiritual experience. After 20 years of technology work, I have turned my focus to assisting others with their own personal yoga practice and exploration through classes, workshops, private sessions, and personalized audio programs. I am a Kripalu certified yoga instructor and a past member of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association advisory board.

Diane Korte
Twenty years ago in Southern California I was suffering from repeated back injuries and a bizarrely high stress business when my chiropractor suggested I find a yoga teacher. I've used the nurturing of my yoga practice to heal my body and to support the many changes in my life style that I have chosen over the years.

I studied with Hal Meyers of the Standing Wave Yoga and Energy Center for a decade and was certified as a teacher by the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California in 1983. I continually enjoy learning from yogis, spiritual teachers of various philosophies, psychologists, doctors, healers, my students, and my life. I have taught in my home, on the beach, in students' homes, in business settings, in churches and in a doctor's office. 

The power and gentleness of my use of yoga and meditation while assisting my father during his illness and death in 1997 have given me the determination to change my focus from playing with the yoga to sharing the yoga.









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