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Yoga is a simple tool to achieve balance in your mind, your body, and your life. We invite you to gain that balance by teaching you how to develop your own personal yoga practice. Balance Yoga will gently guide you as you learn to integrate breathing, simple body movements, and meditation into your daily life. We offer individual, couple, family, group, and on-site corporate sessions. 

We introduce yoga with private sessions or very small classes, to encourage our students to develop a personal yoga practice. We support them to use the techniques they learn to serve them moment to moment throughout the day. We encourage office yoga, kitchen counter poses, while you are shaving, watching television or gardening yoga. Our students learn to release tension and enjoy their bodies in movement and repose. 

We respect the value of all of the multitude of yoga practices and traditions that we have encountered. We learn from and use what we like from many of them. We do not profess to represent or teach any specific one. Our methods and what we share is constantly evolving as we explore our own practices. We continually seek to nurture the practices of our students and assist them to meet their ever changing needs. 

We respect and honor the religious and spiritual practices of everyone and do not teach specific religious or spiritual practices. We do notice that practicing yoga, breathing and meditation seem to enhance individuals relationship with whatever their beliefs and practices are. In much the same way we do not claim to be healers, medical, psychological or other. We have heard from our students and have personally experienced greater health and vitality and gentler and more profound healing experiences with the support of a personal yoga practice.









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