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From time to time we find products and online places we like. We have listed a few products and links below. We appreciate your using our site to link to these products and stores in the future. All of these links are third party stores and as we may like them, we cannot guarantee the products or services.

Books and CDs

"Kripalu Yoga" gentle Kripalu style yoga that I've given as gifts and sold many times.

"Yoga for Equestrians" includes modification for riders. Nice resource.

"Centered Riding" a great resource for calm riding by Sally Swift.

"Centered Riding 2" The sequel to the great original by Sally Swift. As highly rated as the original.

"Centered Riding 2" video 

"Easy Does it Yoga", an excellent guide for limited mobility. I love it, use it, and give it as gifts.

"Back Sense" by Siegel and Urdang - I use it. Very interesting concepts on handling back pain.

"Adagio - Music for Relaxation" by Peter Davison, thee CD for final relaxation in a yoga practice, my favorite.

"Singing Bowls" is very relaxing music, I use it for classes, a rare treat.


Duke Center For Integrative Medicine "Experience the Art of Healing" link ... 

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health "Yoga and a whole lot more"

People's Pharmacy "Joe and Terry Graedon"

Ask Dr. Weil  "Advice on integrative healing from an allopathic doctor" 

Yoga Centers Directory

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