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Suggestions to enhance your personal yoga practice or class experience:

  1. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, leaving your watch and jewelry at home. Bring a large towel or mat. Non-skid mats are best for hard surfaces. They provide cushion and lessen slippage.

  2. Never practice immediately after eating. Allow one to two hours after a meal.

  3. To reduce the risk of injury, never force or strain. Each time you enter a pose begin at the beginning, then breath and relax into the pose. If you feel pain, gently back out of the pose. Accept yourself exactly as you are, yoga is not a competition.

  4. Inform your instructor of any recent physical injuries, as they may require special precautions during the practice.

  5. Personally set your intention to use this yoga practice to create an island of calm, gentleness, and balance for yourself.

  6. Women who are menstruating should practice caution with inverted poses.

  7. To encourage your body to gently accept the positive changes that come with a yoga practice, follow the practice with: drinking lots of water, soaking in a warm tub, and begin some simple yoga practice on your own.

  8. In beginning a practice of yoga you may find that the calming of distractions allows thoughts and feelings that may have been suppressed to surface. This is a fine time to create a journal to record this renewed information. We recommend at the beginning that you allow yourself to simply notice these thoughts and emotions, release them onto the written page and postpone taking any extreme actions until you have a sense of being balanced.

Please print, read, and complete the following forms prior to class. Feel free to call with any questions. 

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